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Wight TrashBefore my sons were old enough to go out unaccompanied I used to have to drive them to skate parks, and sit there with them until they’d had enough…which could often be hours and hours later.

I would take a book, or a sketch pad, thinking that I could make use of the time, but it never really happened. I found that hanging out in the skate park was actually something I rather enjoyed and it was impossible not to watch. I began to appreciate the philosophy behind skating and feel grateful that my sons wanted to participate in an activity which required attention to everyone else around them. They had to be aware of all the other skater’s movements in order not to collide. They learnt consideration and patience and timing.

As an artist I have always wanted to capture a little bit of the skating spirit…to be involved in a way which didn’t require me to stand on a skate board and injure myself….which would be inevitable! So, when John Cattle of Wight Trash asked me to design a couple of graphics to print onto t-shirts I was absolutely delighted. A good friend of mine bought one a couple of weeks ago and he loves it so much he’s scared to wash it (it will be fine in the wash, but I was quite touched by the sentiment).

He is 40 years old and still skates, sometimes with my eldest, and it makes me happy to see that skate culture never really leaves someone once they have immersed themselves, and I hope that as my two grow older they’ll always be skaters at heart!

Visit Wight Trash at http://www.wight-trash.net

Wight Trash

Posted: April 30th, 2013
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