SLATE ON WOOD - Holly V Maslen - Artist, Designer, Illustrator


It seems a silly thing to say, because all original art is unique, a one off, but I feel the slate on wood pieces reflect this to a greater degree than say a painting,  or a drawing, because of the nature of the found materials. Each piece of slate has been picked up by myself on a beach walk. Random finds which dictate the shape, colour and feel of what gets painted onto them at a later date. The wood comes from a friend who works in a woodyard where these offcuts are often available. I like the stages of producing these pieces, from the walks on the beach, to the painting of the slate, to finding the right layout on the blocks of wood, to the finished piece. They are all free standing, or can be hung on the wall.





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Posted: March 26th, 2018
Categories: Holly Maslen News
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