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“Pick Up The Pieces” is a project based on the Isle of Wight where, over the winter months, I will walk the length of every beach, cove and bay, collecting all the plastic waste I find along the way.

Each collection will be weighed, the pieces counted, and my findings documented in order to build up a picture of the levels of plastic pollution on the Island.  All of the information will be marked clearly on a large map of the Island and displayed at Pick Up The Pieces exhibition.


I’m incredibly excited to reveal that the exhibition will be held at an awe inspiring WWII Bunker (owned by Lincoln Miles and Lisa Traxler) overlooking the sea in St Lawrence, IOW. It is the perfect setting for this exhibition as the location brings home the impact of our actions upon our coastline.



The central piece of the exhibition will feature 310 pieces of individual plastic clearly laid out and labelled with the beach they were collected on, and the date collected. Pick Up The Pieces will also feature poems written whilst on the beaches and several installation pieces aimed at delivering a high impact message about the current state of our Planet.


Pick Up The Pieces is an ambitious and important  project in terms of improving our coastline and the lives of creatures who live both below, and above the water. My hopes are also to spark connections, future collaborations and discussions which will hopefully push the message contained within the exhibition further afield.

Admission to the exhibition is strictly by invitation only. Please register your interest to be placed upon the guest list by emailing me at hollyvmaslen@yahoo.com All sponsors of the project will automatically be invited. Please follow the link http://www.ecoartconservation.bigcartel.com to secure your “reward” and your invitation to the Private View on Saturday 18th May 2019.

Posted: November 21st, 2018
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