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Following on from my exhibition Pick Up The Pieces at The Bunker in St Lawrence, Isle of Wight, I have a collection of testimonials and photographs, showing the various impacts of the exhibition on those who visited.


“Against the stark concrete walls of The Bunker, a wonderful space in its own right, the art stood out as a collection of highly prized artifacts. The initial impression was that of the neatly organised tea light candles, grouped by colour, which were of course in fact bottle tops. The treasures on display were a mix of once loved toys, rims of cleaning fluid bottles, fragments of packaging, and oddities yet to be identified, bright, colourful, beautiful in form and in presentation, and concurrently a devastating reminder of how we have converted what will be viewed in historic terms as a highly valuable and scarce resource, into meaningless litter which pollutes our oceans, poisons all creatures including ourselves, and which will be one of a handful of selfish legacies we leave for our children and their children. Pick Up The Pieces represented a soul wrenching reflection of our naivety. Holly Maslen is an exemplary artist whose message and mission comes from a place of truth and light, and her exhibition, Pick Up The Pieces, a call to action.


If you attended Pick Up The Pieces and continue to accept plastic waste, however begrudgingly, you are part of the problem.”

Barrie Robinson,

Designer, Digital Innovator and Creative Director



“What an amazing experience at Holly Maslen’s pop-up exhibition Pick Up The Pieces magnificently staged in an old bunker on a cliff top overlooking the treasured coastline where these flotsam/artworks were found. I was particularly captivated by the shotgun shells, arranged on a floating glass plinth, looking every bit like a row of glass goblets in the V & A. Detritus transformed into high art. And each beach clean was commemorated with a poignant poem. So many emotions tied up in creating works like this. Congratulations Holly!”

Lisa Heath

Artist and Jewellery Maker



“Holly Maslen cleverly put this little blinder together,  an installation of items/rubbish she has gathered from the beaches of the Isle of Wight. Very thought provoking,  not only in how crap we are as a species but also in taking that discarded and repositioning not only it’s physical place but also it’s context. Bravo Holly.”

James Spalding



“Very thought provoking and current.  The shotgun cartridge wads especially resonated with me. I can see people clay pigeon shooting off the back of cruise ships –  I can feel some lobbying coming on !!!!”

Robert Primmer


“With Pick up the Pieces Holly has transformed the discarded into the regarded.  Though it speaks to our culture of waste it transforms every piece, creating a narrative for each.  The original shape has been worn and coloured by it’s journey through the world reflecting the human condition and raises questions of our own worth and shape of our personal narrative.”

Julian Winslow



“Pick Up The Pieces really was a thought provoking exhibition that really does make you think about the sheer scale of plastic pollution we face as a planet. We can all do our bit and make a difference slowly but surely. Amazing work.”

Cordelia Dewey

IOW Surfers Against Sewage Ambassador


“Loved the exhibition.Thought provoking. Definately made me more aware of how horrible and over used plastic is. Loved the layout and the poems.”

Suzanne Whitmarsh



“Sobering, inspiring, thought provoking, moving and weirdly beautiful! A superb exhibition in a space which seemed very apt. I hope a lot of people get to see it.”


Susie Prangnell



“Holly Maslen’s display exhibition from her beachcombing all around the Island is beautifully done, categorised both in colour and items. Poems from her experience on the day, and a map of the locations with interesting detail of her findings. I think Holly has created a most wonderful and interesting display and the poems create just the right mood and picture in my mind.”


Birgit Ackroyd


I really enjoyed this exhibition, though of course it made me feel sadness at the state we find our selves in now.

Holly’s handling of this subject was easy to engage with. The arduous task of reclaiming thousands of pieces of plastic from our beauty spots around the Island and her poignant display using pattern and colour really bought home the point or pointlessness of so much of our throw away everyday activities.

Love Holly’s poems! Funny, clever and frank.

Elaine McCracken





Posted: May 21st, 2019
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