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 Holly V Maslen – Artist, Designer, Illustrator Spring just doesn’t seem to be happening and, as a consequence, I don’t feel too guilty for spending hours in the studio locked into drawing.

When the sun shines it’s so much harder to stay indoors, so I’ve been making the most of the dull weather to get on with work. Just before Christmas I’d been out for dinner with friends and came home late, made a cup of tea and climbed into bed with my sketch book, still feeling too wide awake to go straight to sleep.

I started drawing a character whose name, I decided, would be Miyoko. I wrote a couple of lines about her drawing circles over and over as a kind of spiritual practise, but this was as far as I got. Recently, I came across the sketches and thought it was time to develop the story further. A vague story line had been drifting around in my mind for some months so it didn’t take long to write it in full before tackling the illustrations to go with each page. Miyoko is a story about love and hope. It is also about spiritual enlightenment. It deals with themes which can be universally identified with. I have bound each copy by hand as I feel it benefits from a hand-made element.

It is a very special book to me but I can’t say more than that here…if you’re curious you’ll just have to get yourself a copy!

Posted: April 30th, 2013
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