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Back in January I got “chatting” to someone on Twitter, as is often the case…..and this someone happened to be Jules Young, a lovely young woman who tirelessly writes great blog posts about people working in the creative industries. After reading Jules’ blog I asked her if she might consider doing a feature on my work and I was thrilled when she emailed back to say that she would compile a set of questions for me to answer. I scanned the list of questions when they arrived and realised that I really would have to give them some careful thought, I liked the fact that they were imaginative and asked me about things that I wouldn’t have raised myself had I been asked to simply write something about what I do and what inspires me.

I settled down with a cup of tea and ploughed through the Q & A session thinking hard about answering in an informative and interesting way. Jules strategically added the images I’d sent through and I was delighted with the end result as it is now a permanent record of where I was at that stage of my career having just shifted from painting to illustration.

You can read the full interview here, (and many others, which I’m sure you’ll find interesting and inspiring) Thank you Jules!!!


Posted: May 22nd, 2013
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