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I wrote and illustrated these little books some years ago and I’m delighted that they are to be published, under the title of Escargot Masquerade and Other Stories, by Freudian Scripts in March 2013.

Holly Maslen BooksThe book launch will be held at Freud on Shaftesbury Avenue on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 with an exhibition of my drawings relating to the characters in the book. Chris Packham has very kindly written the blurb to go on the back cover….here is what he says:

“One of the great strengths of fiction is that we all make it our own. Locations, events and characters can all be defined but each landscape, each face is ultimately ours to be imagined and enjoyed in a wholly original way.

Your Tess, Romeo or Bond will forever be different than mine. But of course it’s not just the physical nature of any narrative which is by definition unique, it’s the moral, emotional and philosophical context of the tale which we transpose to our personal interpretation. I think that this collection of stories is a clear case in point. I’m sure that as you read them they will ignite ideas and relationships in your mind which might be reflections in your own life’s mirror. I like them just because of their lack of precision, because I am free to feel the story on my terms, I like them because they are cleverly seeded with enough fabric to steer the reader but not dominate their direction or conclusion.

I like ‘my’ Shadow and Outline and I think I know why I like their resolution and that’s because they are allowed to relate to my heart and its own topsy-turvey history.

I hope that you like them too . Chris Packham 2013″


List of stockists coming soon…


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