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I’ve always found that the best things in life happen in an organic, unplanned for way, which is exactly how Curate & Plate has started out.  Despite being an artist I have a few other interests too.  I love cooking and I love organising events (any excuse for a good time).  For various reasons, which I won’t bore you with here, I was lead to Shed in Bembridge, a lovely tapas restaurant which allows artists to hang their work on a loosely rotating basis…and this is where I had the idea of C&P.  Rather than leaving the restaurant owner to source artists, liaise with them, oversea the hanging of work, call them up for replacement pieces, promote the work via social media (you can probably already see the workload involved) why not step in and organise this, leaving the restaurant owner free to focus on the food and service?

C&P works on the principle that everyone involved gains something positive from the way it is run.  Artists gain exposure for their work and have a venue where they can take clients directly to view their work, and have a drink or a coffee, or something to eat.  They also have the added bonus of  paying lower rates of commission on sales than in a conventional gallery because the art isn’t the main focus of the business.  The restaurant owner can concentrate on running the restaurant without the added worry of dressing the walls and taking time out to phone artists and discuss with them how things are done.  C&P also hosts, in conjunction with the venue, a Private View evening, which gives the artist the opportunity to connect directly with clients whilst the restaurant reaches new customers who otherwise might not know about them.


As for me, I get to hang out in places that I like (food and coffee) with people that I like (the artistic community) and hopefully build an interesting business with room to expand in the future.


If you are a restaurant, cafe or bar…or an artist, and you would be interested in finding out more then please drop me an email.  I’d love to hear from you!



Posted: January 29th, 2015
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