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The great thing about being creative is that ideas are never in short supply. The downside though is deciding which ideas to execute first. Do I design a range of lampshades, or stationary, or get to work on some prints, or possibly illustrate something interesting I read, or paint some fabric and make cushions, bags and purses….or perhaps get in touch with other creatives and collaborate on an idea. All of these things I have done but, the problem is, I end up with tons of work and I never quite know what to do with it all, which creates a kind of paralysis.

This feeling of paralysis is actually ridiculous. I am able to produce vast amounts of work, so this should result in vast amounts of success….BUT….and there is a big BUT….only if I know how and where to channel the work produced, which means looking at the market¬†before creating the product.

It has taken me a long time to realise this, or perhaps I’ve always been aware of it, but been too busy being creative to do things in the right order. I am now determined to work systematically, identify the market and produce work around it. This doesn’t mean that my creative spark is compromised, far from it. ¬†It means that I can focus and, as a result, produce well designed collections of work on either paper, or fabric and continue to develop my style and communicate the images which capture my imagination.

I have just ordered a pack of lino and am working on three designs to make up a pack of greeting cards, envelopes and prints. They will all be packaged nicely and, once they are printed and ready to go, I will approach the stockists I have already earmarked, as well as selling them on my website.

You can browse my products here….


Rough designs from my sketchbook

Rough designs from my sketchbook



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Posted: February 26th, 2016
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