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Charity Work

Back in February, after all the terrible storms, I took a trip over to the West of the IOW to visit a friend and check out the storm damage over there.  During the course of a cup of tea (after being blown around on the beach in Freshwater) the subject of charity work came up.  I have recently produced a range of drawings featuring British Wildlife animals and was telling my friend that I hoped to be able to use them to raise money for British Wildlife charities when she suggested that I produce a piece of work to raise money for the charity she has been working for for quite some time now.  The charity is called Love Russia and concentrates on helping orphaned and abandoned children, the disabled and the elderly.  I wanted to create an illustration which would represent women and children along with typical Russian imagery, such as the Matryoshka Dolls.  The prints are priced very reasonably in order to encourage people to buy one because the more we sell the more help is given to those in need.

Matryoshkas and Mountains

Matryoshkas and Mountains


You can grab yourself a copy of this print here.Please have a look at the Love Russia website too to find out exactly what they do.


Posted: March 17th, 2014
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