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I was commissioned early in the year by a client from Brighton to design two pieces based upon Brighton pier and Brighton skyline.

Holly V MaslenI really wanted to crack on with these pieces straight away but I had other commitments to finish work on first. Finally the time became available to start work on the pieces and I totally underestimated how long they would take. The designs became very intricate and I also had to consider how they would work when the start of the drawing was joined to the end of the drawing as they are being printed onto fabric to be made into drum lampshades. I didn’t want the design to flow at the seam as it is almost impossible to get an exact match, and I think that when something is supposed to join, even if it is a millimetre out, it becomes annoying to the eye.

I had a little trip to Brighton last week and dropped off the drawings to my client…it was quite hard to part with them as they took hours…but I’m really looking forward to seeing the transformation from a flat design to a cylindrical one, and I’m curious to see how the design changes once light is added to the equation.

Posted: April 30th, 2013
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