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A couple of years ago I hosted an illustration workshop in London after painting a mural for the fashion designer Charlotte Taylor. The workshop wasn’t about instructing people on how to draw, rather it was a sociable experience where the group worked together on spontaneous pieces, resulting in some interesting outcomes.

In the first exercise we wrote our names on a piece of paper, drew a squiggle and passed the paper to our right. We continued to do this, adding to the drawing as we received it, until our original sheet returned to us with a finished drawing.

The second exercise was based around incorporating a random word given by each member of the group into a complete picture. Every interpretation of the list of words turned out very differently and the group enjoyed seeing what everyone else had created.

The most noticeable thing throughout the evening was the sense of relaxation and concentration. It was a time where adults were allowed to zone out of day to day life and zone into their imaginations. We all felt very happy and relaxed afterwards.

If you would like to get into this zone yourself with like minded people then drop me a line at hollyvmaslen@yahoo.com or call me on 07840 932 529. I am hosting Art & Relaxation classes at my house in Bembridge, IOW every Monday evening from 6 h30 until 7 h30 for £6 a session.

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Posted: November 10th, 2015
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